Farm Life Blessing #6

Especially during this time of the year, I am very thankful to have a full freezer, stocked with plenty of frozen beef and vegetables such as corn, green beans and peas.

I have to admit that many of the frozen vegetables are thanks to my mom and grandma who always make sure that I have an adequate supply each year, since I oftentimes don’t have time to do the freezing myself. Canned and ordinary frozen vegetables simply don’t compare with garden-grown produce that is frozen with care.

I am also spoiled by always having beef in my freezer. Growing up, I thought it was normal to regularly have steaks on the grill because that is what was always in our freezer. Since then, I’ve learned that having access to a supply frozen beef is surely a blessing.

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Thanks to Holly Spangler for the inspiration to blog for 30 days in November. Check out her 30 Days on a Prairie Farm.

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