Farm Life Blessing #10

I am proud to have had a strong work ethic instilled in my life from a young age, and I credit that to growing up on a farm. Some vivid memories of my childhood that seemed like the furthest thing from being a blessing at the time included:

  • Unloading wagons and wagons of hay and straw during summer break, where it sometimes seemed like the bales weighed more than me.
  • Training heifers to lead when that was clearly the last thing that they wanted to do.
  • Carrying buckets of milk about 100  yards across the yard to feed the calves – in the rain, snow and sleet, of course.
  • Getting the dreaded phone call that “the heifers are out” and spending the next couple of hours trying to get them in.

As I look back on all of these memories, I can’t help but appreciate how they helped me to build a strong work ethic, which has carried through into nearly every other aspect of my life.

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Thanks to Holly Spangler for the inspiration to blog for 30 days in November. Check out her 30 Days on a Prairie Farm

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