Farm Life Blessing #15

Guest writer: Doug Sattazahn

A real benefit to farm life for me is the variety. Even though there are daily chores, everyday is different. You never know when a cow is going to have a calf, when a salesman is going to stop in or when equipment is going to break down (yes, I said variety is a good thing, even repair jobs). 

Some days can be hectic (harvest time) and some can be slower (rain or snow), but there is always work to be done and challenges to be met. I really can’t imagine doing repetitive work on an assembly line or sitting in one room all day. Sitting in a tractor and mowing hay for several hours is about all the monotony I can take.  That’s why I feel blessed to work in a place as diverse as a farm.

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Thanks to Holly Spangler for the inspiration to blog for 30 days in November. Check out her 30 Days on a Prairie Farm

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