Farm Life Blessing #16

Farmers have an obvious connection to nature. Mother Nature can be a farmer’s best friend, or she can be a farmer’s worst enemy. Droughts, floods and everything in between impact how food is grown and how it gets to you, the consumer.

The weekend before Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, farmers had a lot more on their minds than running to the grocery store for bread and milk. Many farmers were in the fields, getting their last harvest in before the rain and winds came.

When farmers talk about the weather, they aren’t trying to make small-talk. It’s honestly what they care about. If my husband doesn’t have the Weather Channel on the TV, he has the website pulled up on the computer. Either way, he’s always tuned in to what the weather is and what it will be for the foreseeable future.

We are thankful for Mother Nature being on our side this year, resulting a good harvest, something that farmers in other parts of the country can’t say.

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Thanks to Holly Spangler for the inspiration to blog for 30 days in November. Check out her 30 Days on a Prairie Farm

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