Farm Life Blessing #24

I have a bad case of writer’s block. It is day 24, and I have a few more posts to write, so hopefully it subsides soon. In the meantime, I will forge forward with whatever comes to mind, and right now, it is my aching back and sore thigh muscles.

I’m on milking duty this holiday weekend, and for a girl that spends most days in an office chair, that means that I get whipped into physical shape very quickly! With all of the bending, lifting and walking required when milking in a tie-stall barn, the first day or so always results in a buildup of lactic acid in my muscles. One time I wore a pedometer while milking and found out that one milking equates to about three miles in walking. Plus, you have to consider all of the squatting down that you have to do….it reminds me of playing field hockey in high school!

Kudos to my husband and others dairy farmers that do this every day, week after week. I enjoy filling in from time to time, but I am certainly grateful for the hard work and physical labor that so many farmers do daily to make sure that we have a safe and abundant food supply.

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