Farm Life Blessing #27

Guest writer: Doug Sattazahn

It’s that time of year again in Pennsylvania. Monday after Thanksgiving means buck season for hunters throughout the state. Personally, I only started hunting four years ago after being persuaded by Raechel’s family, which has some prime hunting ground in York County. I was lucky enough to get a buck my first year.  However, I failed to bag a deer the last two years, leading to me wondering if all my luck had run out that first year.

This year though I got back in the swing of things by getting a buck the first day. It will be good to have that meat in the freezer again and the satisfaction of knowing I still have some luck on my side in the woods. More importantly though, hunting means great camaraderie with other sportsmen and enjoyment of nature. I am thankful today for hunting and all the other opportunities we on the farm have to enjoy the great outdoors.

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