Bloggers in the Barn

Ah, the great Pennsylvania Farm Show. With milkshakes, potato donuts and just about anything fried, it has all of my favorite foods. Not to mention Farm Show includes animals of all types and other exhibits that are worth seeing. Yet, with so many people who share my same obsessions, a step inside of the Farm Show Complex is bound to put you in a human traffic jam within a couple of minutes…but it’s well worth it once a year.

Farm Show 1

I was excited to volunteer again this year at the Today’s Agriculture exhibit to interact with the general public and tell them about dairy farming. As you might remember from my blog post last year (Modern Agriculture at its Best), the exhibit does a great job providing an accurate representation of all types of agriculture today. Thank you to PennAg Industries for taking the lead on this outstanding exhibit! This year was even better than last year, including an expanded exhibit area that showcased modern agricultural equipment and crops in different stages of growth.

I was especially honored to serve as the dairy representative during a special tour that PennAg Industries hosted for Harrisburg-area bloggers who are part of the PA Bloggers group. With notebooks and cameras in hand, these bloggers were eager and ready to learn about agriculture. They asked a lot of good questions and took a genuine interest in learning about the different species of animals and production agriculture in general. Want to see what they blogged in response to the event? Check out a few of their posts:

When I volunteered at the Today’s Agriculture exhibit once more later in the week, I was again energized by the level of interaction and interest that people had. I answered lots of questions about cows, and I tried to do my fair share of quizzing them to make sure that they understood where milk comes from.

 Although they probably still won’t think about where their food comes every time the open the refrigerator, hopefully their experience at the Farm Show has given them a new perspective on the farmers that work so hard to provide a safe and abundant food supply.

Farm Show 3 Farm Show 2

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  1. Hi Raechel! Thanks so much for all the great information you provided us with at the Farm Show! I think it’s safe to say (from all of us!) we loved having the opportunity to meet you. We’d love for you to join us in our community – here’s a link to find us:


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