Out of the Barn and on to the Web

Guest writer: Doug Sattazahn

Just another day at Zahncroft Dairy with the sun going down.

Just another day at Zahncroft Dairy with the sun going down.

I like Facebook just as much as anyone else, but something has been working on my nerves lately. Simply put, it’s posts from friends that slam milk and dairy products. These posts usually cite some outlandish source like ‘Not Milk’, so I can’t hold it against these people personally, they’re just naïve when it comes to where their food comes from.  So rather than slam them publically, I’ve decided to use Facebook to show the real story. This includes pictures from my farm, status updates about what is going on at our dairy, and posting on public pages where food is being discussed.

It's supper time on the farm!

It’s supper time on the farm!

I’ve found an easy place to reach a lot of people is my local newspaper’s page. Food issues are discussed from time to time, and the page has over 11,000 followers. I recently defended milk on the page and have found that an honest farmer’s commentary is far more popular than a negative food snob’s. Interestingly, many of the folks that ‘liked’ my comments listed their job as full-time mom. It made me happy that parents are making good food choices for their children and listening to a credible source.

So from now on, if you look at Facebook and see more activity from me, it’s probably because I’m trying to counteract the lies and misleading information out there on milk. I would also encourage you to stand up for your own story, find whatever avenue you can to tell it, and don’t let the ‘Not Milk’ fanatics tell it for you.

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5 Responses to Out of the Barn and on to the Web

  1. Heckman, Gary says:

    Love your commitment to advocacy!!!!

  2. cecilia says:

    I absolutely and completely agree. I had a guy in the housee not 30 minutes ago sayinghow milk and eggs make you fat.(I had just come in from milking my cow) I am tall and slim. oops I said.I had better cut out those two fried eggs and hot milk and coffee every single morning! c

  3. Scott Owens says:

    Love the commitment to your industry Doug! Isn’t milk supposed to be the most perfect food? Yes, it is!

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