Lessons from Zach – Passion, Persistence and a Positive Attitude

Dairy farmers are truly some of the most remarkable people I know. However, take a dairy farmer and put him in a difficult position, and you can see how extraordinary someone like Zach Meck can be.

Zach MeckZach is a neighbor and good friend that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know over the last couple of years. In September 2013, he was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, a devastating finding for anyone, let alone a young, on-the-go Berks County dairy farmer. In the last few months he’s undergone treatments, and it’s certainly been a challenging time for Zach and his family.

Zach’s situation has helped to show me not to take any day for granted, reminding me of the importance of my health, my family and my faith. As I think about Zach and the characteristics that he embodies, a few key words come to mind:

One of Zach’s greatest attributes is his passion. Ask him about any subject and he certainly has an opinion on it, but more importantly he is firm in his beliefs and trusts his knowledge and instinct.

Whatever Zach does, he does with all of his heart. It is clear that he loves deeply and lives life fully, letting nothing stand in his way.

Positive attitude
Even in difficult times, Zach has maintained a positive outlook. He’s always looking to keep up the momentum, and still has a sense of humor when you’d think that it would be the last thing on his mind.

Zach – thanks for being a great example for all of us to follow. Let’s be passionate in our beliefs, persistent in our efforts and positive in our thinking.

Meck Pancake Breakfast BenefitJoin friends, family and the community at a pancake breakfast on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at Tulpehocken UCC in Richland,  Pa. to benefit Zach and his wife, Suzanne. If you are unable to attend, donations may be sent to the church to the attention of Meck Pancake Breakfast.

More importantly, add Zach to your daily thoughts and prayers.

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