The Coat

Doug's coatGuest writer: Doug Sattazahn

Well, it finally happened. Blame it on the polar vortex, or the passing of time, or just necessity. Whatever the cause, there’s no going back now. My good old winter coat is now a barn coat.

If you’ve ever worked on a farm, you know there are just some things you don’t wear to the barn. Your one “good” pair of shoes or “good” pair pants are meant to be kept nice. However, after many years of being kept “good”, most articles of clothing end up becoming barn clothes.

In this case, it was my old reliable Carhartt coat. The one I’ve had since high school. The one that got oil splashed on it working on a roommate’s car in college. The one that protected me from the stinging wind on so many winter days. It’s time had finally come this year. I can usually get by with two sweatshirts, but subzero temperatures and record snowfall forced me to turn to that old reliable coat for warmth this winter.

It was bittersweet, converting that coat to barn use, but after all, Carhartts are made to be worked in. Pulling the hood up on that thing is like putting on one of those halos that people wear when they’ve had a serious neck injury. There’s no turning your head, you need to move your whole body. The quilt lining also forms a nearly impenetrable barrier against the biting wind. And the tough duck material sustains everything cows can throw at you.

I suppose I should mention that I went to the store and got a brand new coat to replace the newly minted barn one. It was the same exact coat other than color. How many things stay in style for over 10 years like that? Anyways, here’s to many more years of good use for both coats in the quest to beat the polar vortex (aka. winter).

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3 Responses to The Coat

  1. cecilia says:

    I could not farm without my carhartt, what took you so long!! excellent.. c

  2. Mary D.Sattazahn says:

    Agree, every farmer needs Carhartt Inccluding jackets, bibs and hoodies. Nice job Doug!

  3. Scott Owens says:

    Why is it that guys can’t get past the Carhartt display in a hardware store without checking out a new purchase? Your new barn coat looks like it’s got another 20 years in it.

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