About Me

Raechel Kilgore Sattazahn

Some people might call me outspoken and others may think that I am overly opinionated, but I like to consider myself passionately persistent, and they are certainly positive attributes for a promoter of the agricultural industry.

I am an early thirty-something dairy enthusiast from southcentral Pennsylvania. By day, I work in marketing for an agricultural organization where I have the opportunity to do many of the things that I love – combine my interest in marketing and communications with agriculture, enhance the success of today’s young and beginning farmers and most of all, feel that I’m making a difference in other people’s lives.

By evening and weekend, I am a part of our family’s dairy operation. Although I might not milk cows every morning and night (I leave that to my husband and brother-in-law), I do my fair share of milking as a fill-in on the weekends. Dairy farming has been an important part of my life, and almost nearly as important has been my love to tell the story about dairy with others.

Why blog?

Too often, those of us in the agricultural industry are consumed with the notion that “consumers don’t understand agriculture,” and yet we sit back and do nothing. It is not their fault that they are uneducated about farming, and frankly I feel that even I could do a better job speaking out for the industry that I am so passionate about.

Not only is this blog, Go Beyond the Barn, meant to inspire others in the agricultural industry to step up and share the positive messages about farming, but it will help keep me personally accountable for continuing to do my part. These are my adventures. Some may not seem very thrilling. Others may be irritating because of many consumers’ sheer lack of knowledge. But they are meant to showcase my day-to-day interactions to show you that each conversation that we join matters.

While I would like to think that I can take on our nation’s issues about the lack of understanding about agriculture myself, I am only one voice. Join with me. Let’s make a difference and take our conversations about cows beyond the barn.

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Justin Risset says:

    Nice blog Rachael. Its frustrating what people believe. Keep telling your story. We all need to do it more.

  2. Justin Risser says:

    Sorry I spelled your name wrong, Rachel.

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  4. Mary D. Sattazahn says:

    I just read “Abut Me” for the first time. Thanks for being so passionate about farming. Aunt Mary

  5. pat says:

    I baked your PA Dutch blueberry torte recipe from the Reading Eagle. The crust ended up as hard as concrete and the blueberries were runny!! Not sure what I did wrong. Should the cornstarch have been in the blueberry filling instead of the crust as listed?

    • raechelks says:

      Hi there! I am sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out as expected. I double-checked the recipe that was printed in the Reading Eagle, and it is correct as printed. For the crust, it is important to make sure that you use cold butter – I’ve used butter that is too warm before, and that also caused issues for me. To be honest about the blueberries, I often just used blueberry pie filling as a shortcut, so I don’t typically make the topping from scratch.

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